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The Lamb Charcuterie Company was founded by myself in February 2017. I grew up near to the Lake District in Cumbria and spent many school holidays camping in the Lake District which is where I found my love for Herdwick sheep! Having relocated to Essex, later moving to Suffolk, I decided that I wanted to keep sheep as a hobby. I bred and kept Herdwick sheep for many years. I always receive tremendous feedback for the quality of my lamb which I supply to family and friends.

Last year I decided I wanted to turn my love of Herdwicks into a business and do something different with my lamb. I wanted more people to be able to taste the quality of the Herdwick lamb. I looked at doing something completely different and something that nobody else is achieving with Herdwick lamb. I came across Charcuterie and after much research and planning, I decided this was the way forwards. In mid-2016 I was introduced to Marsh Pig by a mutual friend. We have since formed a strong working relationship. 

I ensure animal welfare and husbandry is paramount in all I do and my Herdwicks live in a stress-free environment grazing on the pastures of Great Dunmow, Essex and Hundon, Suffolk. The lamb is not mass produced, factory farmed or force fed but slowly matured for a minimum of two years. This means our produce has an amazingly deep, rich flavour. 

The Lamb Charcuterie Company are the only people in the whole of the UK using Herdwick meat for our charcuterie, so we really are unique.


Herdwick Heritage 

Herdwick sheep are native to the Lake District Fells and are extremely hardy sheep. For instance, they have been known to survive for days under a blanket of snow up on the Cumbrian mountains. Herdwick sheep were the favourite breed of Beatrix Potter who won many prizes for her beloved Herdwicks and helped save the breed from extinction. 

The name Herdwick is derived from the old Norse ‘Herdwyck’ meaning sheep pasture and is recorded as far back as the 12th century. The exact story of how the Herdwick breed came to Britain is unknown. 

Herdwick sheep are born jet black, their face and legs change colour in the first few months of their lives to white and their fleece changes to dark brown to help blend in with the bracken on the hills. They then turn different shades of silver grey after their first shear, the perfect camouflage against the slate mountains which they climb in the summer months. 

Herdwick meat has long been renowned for its distinctive taste and quality. Herdwick meat has also been proven by Bristol University to be high in omega 3 fatty acids. Top chefs from around the UK source Herdwick lamb direct from the fells for its distinctive taste and texture.  





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